Ductile Iron (D.I.) Grooved Fittings

Grooved pipe fittings are used to join pipes in both wet and dry system. They provided some flexibility in terms of movement and deflection to the piping system.
Material ASTM A536, GRADE 65-45-12, QT 450-10
Available Size 25mm - 600mm
Available Fittings -Rigid Coupling
-90° Elbow
-45° Elbow
-Cap c/w hole
-Flange Adaptor
-Straight Cross
-Flexible Coupling
-Reducing Tee (Grooved Outlet)
-Mechanical Tee (Threaded Outlet) (Grooved Outlet)
-Con Reducer (Grooved Outlet c/w Female Threaded)
-Mechanical Cross Tee (Threaded Outlet)
-Equal Tee

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