Ductile Iron (D.I.) Pipe Fittings

Specifically designed to fit multiple pipelines, the proffered Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting is manufactured from optimum quality ductile iron. Dimensional precise and impact & fatigue resistant, the proffered fittings are extensively high in demands.
Jointing Flange End  / Socket End
Available Size 80mm - 800mm
Available Fittings -90º / 45º / 22½º / 11¼º  Bend
-90º Duck Foot Bend
-90º Long Radius(LR) Bend
-45º Angle Branch
-Tee / Radial Tee / Level Invert Tee
-Taper / Flat Taper
-Weld-On Flange / Blank Flange
-Flange Spigot / Flanged Socket / Flange Bellmouth / Collar

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