PVC Fittings

Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) fittings are designed to change the end type of a pipe, allowing it to connect to fittings and pipes of many sizes. They can have threaded or slip socket ends to connect to an endless variety of pipes and fittings. 

Available Size 15mm - 300mm
Available Fittings -Equal Elbow
-Equal Tee
-D/E Socket
-Equal Elbow 45°
-Valve Socket
-P/T Socket
-P/T Elbow
-End Cap
-V-Tank Connector
-Tank Connector
-Jam Nut
-Equal Elbow
-Equal Tee
-D/E Socket
-Elbow 45°
-P/T Tee
-Equal Tee     
-Equal Elbow
-Reducing Socket
-Reducing Elbow
-Reducing Bush
-Reducing Tee


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