Smartube Conduit

Smartube Conduit are easy for wire pushing and pulling. The slip coat on the inside wall makes wire pulling easy and protects against damages. It is high quality finishing, save time and save cost.
Available Size 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm
Standard -BS 31:1940       :Threaded Conduit
-MS 61386:2010:Rigid Steel Conduit
Type BS 31:1940 (Heavy Gauge B)
-Clear    : Standard for conventional application
-Red       : Fire alarm & security system
-Orange : Lighting & fibre optic system
-White   : Blends well in light coloured areas (PA & IT system)

MS 61386:2010 (Cable Management)
-Clear    : Standard for conventional applications
-Orange : Lighting & fibre optic system

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