Steel Scaffolding and Accessories

Scaffolding is a movable platform for workers (such as bricklayers, painters, or miners) to stand or sit on when working at a height above the floor or ground. Scaffolds are widely used on site to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to.
Standard MS1462-1:2012
Item & Size Main Frame                            - 1219mm x 1700mm x 2.5mm
Adjust Frame                          - 1219mm x 914mm x 2.5mm
Cross Brace                             - 1219mm x 1829mm x 2.0mm
Cross Brace                             - 610mm x 1829mm x 2.0mm
Joint Pin                                  - 2.20mm x 220mm
Jack Base                                - 34mm x 600mm c/w MS Plate 5.4mm
U Head                                    - 34mm x 600mm c/w MS Plate 5.4mm
Walking Board (GI)               -1829mm x 500mm x 1.2mm
Stair                                         - 1725mm x 450mm
Swivel Clamp
Flat Rib Washer                     - B9 x 100mm x 50mm
Form Tie c/w Nut                   - B9 x 250mm
Plastic Cone                            - B9 x 12mm
Tie Nut                                    - 100mm
Castor Wheel                          - 150mm
Carton 6 pcs per Carton
Application Construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures.

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