Investor Relations and Communication Policy Manual


  1.1 This Policy Manual is designed to assist the Board of Directors of Engtex Group Berhad and its Investor Relation Function in engaging with shareholders and respective regulatory bodies for the Securities Industry, namely the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia.
  1.2 This Policy Manual is subject to the provisions of the Capital Markets & Services Act, 2007, Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements, the Companies Act, 1965 and other relevant government legislation.
  2.1 This Policy Manual serves as a guide to the Board of Directors the manners of furnishing the financial market with precise and relevant information about the company to ensure that the share price reflects the underlying values and future prospects.
  2.2 This Policy Manual shall also assist the Board of Directors in maintaining or increasing shareholders and potential investors’ confidence and satisfaction in the credibility and accessibility of the Company’s information.
  2.3 This Policy Manual also aims to minimise the risks of violating the relevant laws and regulations in relation to communicating information to the investing public and regulators of the capital and financial markets.
  3.1 This Policy Manual applies to all the employees of Engtex Group Berhad or its subsidiaries.
  4.1 Authorised Corporate Spoke Persons.
4.1.1 The Group Chairman, Group Managing Director, Personal Assistant to Group Managing Director and the Head of Finance are designated as the primary spokespersons to respond to daily communication/ individual enquiries made to the Company by members of the investment community or financial media. No other person is allowed to perform this duty/function unless specially authorized by the Group Managing Director.
4.1.2 For the purpose of minimizing risk of giving out misleading information, a primary spokesperson alone is not allow to have dialogue or meeting with the market/ institutional investors unless accompanied by at least another primary spokesperson.
  4.2 Public Announcement and Members Circular.
4.2.1 All public announcements and Circulars to Shareholders must be duly authorized by the Board of Directors prior to release.
4.2.2 For a period of one month before the planned release of quarterly financial reports (the close period), the Company shall not comment on matters related to the Company’s general financial results or expectation.
  4.3 Communication Methods.
    Information is communicated to shareholders through:
  • Broad distribution of the Company’s annual reports and company announcements;
  • Distribution of information/circulars to the Company’s registered shareholders;
  • The Company’s corporate website;
  • Daily contact and correspondence through the offices of the Group Managing Director or Head of Finance; and
  • Dialogue/ meeting with analysts, institutional investors or media.