Tiara Residences

Tiara Residences - Crowning glory of Selayang
Imagine living amongst the sight, sounds and smells of undisturbed nature. Situated at a hilltop across 3.32 acres of green foliage, your imaginations have come to life. An exlusive enclave where structure, lives in a perfect harmony with nature.

Tiara Residences are very much like those gorgeous tiara that adorn beauty queens. These exquite superlink villas are the crowning glory of the hilltops of Selayang and stretching across more than 3 acres, they adorn the breathtakingly beautiful tropical forests in the area.

These unique, eco-friendly villas are the epitome of luxury,comfort and style--perfect for homeowners looking for upgrade their living space and those who are looking for their dream home.

Call (603)6120 2488 / 016-2255 168 for further enquiries or visit www.tiarapoolvillas.com for more information.

Modern Aesthetics Expressing A New Living Experience
46 villas, 46 pools. Tiara Residences are known as Signature Pool Villas with good reach each of units comes with its own pool at 130m ablve sea level. Each pool is flanked by cool emerald greem of lush rainforest, which make it the perfect spot to relax, meditate and get back in touch with nature. If owning a private patch of green appeals, you'll certainly appreciate the Sky Garden, which has been specifically designed to accentuate the beauty of nature.

It's not just the splenddour of nature's flora and fauna that surrounds you at Tiara Residences. You'll also be able to enjoy unobstructed view of KL anytime you wasnt as the villas are set against the city's dazzling skyline. The villas extra large glass windows allow optimum enjoyment of the spectacular views.

Eco-Friendly Extras
There is a feeling of airy spaciousness throughout each Signature Pool Villa at Tiara Residences. This sensation is especially pronounced in the master bedroom which boasts a double volume ceiling height. Large skylight above the car porch and staircase area as well as a pergola style open top master bath create effective daylightling --design term that refers to the practical of placing windows and other openings to allow natural light for efficient internal lighting.

Special Promotion

  • 7 units of Air-Conditioners
  • Hot Water System at Bathroom
  • Outdoor Water Filter
  • Steel Proforated Auto Gate
  • 1 Security Alarm System & 4 unit Panic Buttons
  • Intercom System & Access Card System
  • 1 Jacuzzi at Master Bathroom